Thursday, March 4, 2010

The "Real" Devil Wears Prada

For those of us who live for fashion, here is a must-see behind-the-scenes documentary of Anna Wintour and the making of Vogue. Shot for the September issue, or the "Bible" of fashion, we see the 5 month journey of editing the most important issue of the year. Designers decide what to produce for a season and Ms. Wintour decides what trends will stay. Seem kind of dictator-ish? Well, it is! It's the way of the fashion industry.
What I really enjoyed about this movie was watching the photoshoots as they're being done. The models, the makeup, the extravagant traveling around the world to capture a couple of high- fashion images! And most of the inspiration and styling was done by one person...I'd say Grace has one of the best jobs you can find.

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